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Tyre Fitting Van

Replacement tyres and puncture repair for cars vans motorhomes and caravans in Musselburgh

At Musselburgh Mobile Tyres, we know that quality tyres are important. They enhance your safety and significantly improve your driving experience. We’re a supplier of the biggest and best tyre brands in the market. With us, you’ll be able to choose between the likes of Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, and Dunlop

All our tyre fitters have many years of experience and their skills exceed the industry standards. Our all-inclusive price includes everything from the fitting to the tyre disposal, and we provide a free no obligation quote too.

Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure check

It's very important to check tyre pressures at least once a month, before long journeys and when vehicle load increases or decreases. Maintaining correct tyre pressures improves road safety and can significantly increase the lifespan of your tyres.

We offer a fast and efficient tyre pressure check. Ensuring all your tyres are up to specifications and identifying any punctures and leaks at the same time.

Changing the Tire

Wheel balancing

The common symptoms of out-of-balance tyres are uneven and faster tread wear, poor fuel economy, and vibration. Ensuring all areas of the wheel and tyre are equal in weight will help the tyre roll smoothly.

Our wheel balancing service will make sure your tyres and wheels are correctly weighted and positioned to ensure even wear.

Care Tire

Tyre puncture repair

Finding and identifying a puncture can be tricky. More so when you consider its location on the tyre and what that means for repair or replacement. That's where our experts can help.

We'll assess the damage and repair it if possible. If not, if the damage is to the wrong part of the tyre, we offer a competitive replacement and fitting service.

Stack of Tires

Tyre fitting

Making sure you have the best tyres for your vehicle is more than a financial decision. It's about safety and efficiency too. Here at MmT we want to make your experience as simple as possible.


We stock all the big name brands of tyres Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, and Dunlop. Our fitting experts can advise you on tyre size, tread, wear, and everything else you need to pick the right wheels for your vehicle.

Tyre Changeover

Summer/Winter changeover

Switching from summer to winter tyres is important. It ensures your vehicle is safe and doesn't slip when out in adverse conditions. It will also save you money long term on maintenance and repairs to the tyres and the vehicle.

MmT engineers can take the hassle out of this necessary chore. Winter is coming, we'll swap all four tyres right there in your driveway, summer rolls on in, we'll swap them right back.

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Get tyres replaced, and punctures repaired anywhere in Musselburgh on your car, van, motorhome, or caravan

The MMT engineers are standing by

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